"But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven... For where your treasure is there your heart will be also."

--Matthew 6:20a-21

Gogo Grandmothers Store
Your purchase of these items assists Africa's gogos
and stimulates interest in Gogo Grandmothers.
Please note that all "prices" listed in this store are presented as the "suggested donation"
for that item and not a fixed price.  You may donate more or less at your discretion.

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An effective Preschool program is one of the first and best ways to escape illiteracy and poverty. A building to meet in is vital to a good preschool. (The total cost is $29,000. This is a shared cost item.)...[MORE]
Price: $50.00

Treated FAMILY MOSQUITO NET to protect children from one of their greatest killers--malaria....[MORE]

Price: $10.00

GIFT CARD - Secondary (high school) Day School Tuition

Secondary (high school) DAY SCHOOL Tuition for orphaned children who pass their test to qualify....[MORE]

Price: $15.00

GIFT CARD - Daily Feeding Program

The Village Preschool Daily Feeding Program fights malnutrition for 1600+ orphans and grandchildren....[MORE]

Price: $25.00

GIFT CARD - 100 lb. SACK of Commercial Fertilizer

A sack of commercial fertilizer helps insure a gogo's good harvest of maize to feed a family for a year. ($50 is the total cost for the sack. $25.00 ...[MORE]

Price: $25.00

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