"To be little with God in prayer is to be little with God in service."

-"The kneeling Christian"

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Update April, 2017
Prayer is a primary weapon in the battles that lie ahead. "The main idea is to pray for the grandmothers, because many of them don't know the Lord. They need to know the Lord and they need His help in raising these children."
--Charlotte Day

                                    Join in Prayer...

  • Pray for Dick and Charlotte Day who have been notified that they must move from the 100+ year old college home they love and have rented for so many years. Pray that the college will make an exception for them becuase of their continued work with students.
  • Pray for Mary Phiri who has just finished directing all the last deliveries of the Joseph Project maize and now must move to a new home she and her husbnd have been building in Kondanani Village. Her husband has just retired as Librarian at Chancellor College so they will no longer be able to rent college housing
  • Pray for Tara Wright the Coordinator of SAFE UK as she works in Malawi May 2-23. Pray especially for the Asset Evalation among the villagers in Kachere village that she will be a part of. 
  • Pray for the new Gogo Group beginning to meet at Valley Christian Fellowship in Menifee, CA.
  • Pray for the preparations of the 2 teams going to Malawi to work with SAFE! One leaves early in July and the other in September. Pray for those who are still making their decision to join a team and for God's purposes to be completed through them. 
  • Pray for Aaron as he directs programs at the SAFE Haven for peri-urban children in Zomba -- and for the city to give permission before the building team arrives in July to add on to the small SAFE Haven and build a sports field.
  • Pray for God to provide a source for good blankets and the funds to buy them for the gogos this year before the cold months in June and July.
  • Pray for our caregivers who teach the young children in all our 22 sponsored Community Based Childcare Centers. Pray they will strive for excellance and continue to grow in their own faith and love for Jesus and the children.
  • Pray for the many teachers in Malawi who have been trained to teach the Why Wait? curriculum and for Philip who encourages and trains them. Pray for the students they are teaching -- that they will form a solid Biblical worldview through these lessons.
  • Pray for Lameck as he learns to ride a motorbike so he can go to more villages with the Jesus Film -- also for his studies in community development.
  • Pray for Brenda who has gone back to work with our Community Based Childcare Centers after the birth of her baby boy!
  • Pray for wisdon in selectiong additions to the SAFE staff team in Malawi when they are needed and for God to be preparing the right people for those positions.   
  • Pray for Mrs Museveni, the First Lady of Uganda who is now the Minister of Education, that she will be open to introducing the Why Wait? curriculum into Grades 9-12 in the seconadary schools. She was the First Lady when Dick Day spoke at the first 2 Youth Congresses in Kampala, Uganda in 1992 and later at the 10 year anniversary in 2002.

  • Pray for a Nigerian former parliamentarian, who is going to do his best to get WHY WAIT? into the schools across Nigeria. Moira gave him a set of the Why Wait? books to give to the appropriate person in the Federal Government.

  • Pray for the Thowolo area where Philip introduced WHY WAIT? at Chifiira Community Day Secondary School, Chalawundi Primary School and Uhoho Primary School. During a follow-up visit he was encouraging to see all schools except the last one Uhoho implementing it with good success. Uhoho needs our prayers because this is the school from which 16 girls dropped out due to early pregnancies in 2015-2016.
  • Pray for Lameck as he is having the opportunity to show the Jesus FilmWalking With Jesus and The Bible films in many primary and secondary schools nearly everyday! Pray too for the Mailbox Clubs beginning in these schools where Christian discipleship happens.
  • Pray for Charlotte Day as she spends time mentoring some of the caregivers in our CBCCs (preschools).
  • Pray for Cathy Cheonga as she leads the youth in our SAFE Life Youth Clubs. Pray that the youth will keep growing strong in their walks with Jesus and in the life skills and leadership skills they are learning! Kaulembwe Youth Club in Chipayika has asked for prayers for good progress!
  • Pray for Ben Khoswe, SAFE's Director of Finance and Administration as he begins to learn and introduce Quick Books for SAFE's accounting system. Pray for Jacque Entzminger our treasurer here in the U.S. who will be going to assist Ben in July. 
  • Pray for the in-country proposal being sought to fund our washable menstrual pad project.
  • Pray for God to raise up new Gogo leaders of groups in churches and communities who will come along side more orphans and gogos in Malawi with the love of Christ.
  • Pray for each of our SAFE staff...
    Executive Director, Prof Moira Chimombo
    Director of Finance and Administration, Benjamin Khoswe
    SAFE International Coordinator, Prof Dick Day
    SAFE International ECD and Gogo Grandmothers Coordinator, Mrs Charlotte Day
    National Education Coordinator, Philip Mwenegamba
    Regional Education Coordinator, Mrs Catherine Cheonga
    Director of ECD & Gogo Grandmothers, Mrs Mary Phiri
    Community Supervisor-Zomba, Mrs Brenda Lisimb

    Community Supervisor-Kachindamoto, Michael Mvundula Khumalo
    SAFE Haven Supervisor, Aaron Gondwe
    Accounts Assistant, Mrs Timaleni Biswick
  • Pray for the new Gogo Group at Our Savior's Church in Louisiana that met for the first time in October.
  • Pray for the new Gogo Group forming in Julian, California at Hillside Church. They need a leader and an open door to sponsor SAFE's work at a village in the Lower Shire area of Malawi
  • Pray for the caregivers, youth, gogos and village leaders impacted by the ministry of the Shoreline Church mission team last month in Thowolo and Chipayika villages. Pray for them to put into practice the things that they learned. 
  • Pray that the City Council in Zomba will agree to a fair contract with SAFE concerning the Park where our SAFE Haven (ARK) building is located.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Pray for the 68 newly trained preschool caregivers in the north and southern districts to implement the new monthly themed curriculum this year. Pray the children will learn and develop a deep love for God, and also learn the skills they need to prepare for primary school. Pray for our other caregivers to soon receive the new materials for their Community Based Childcare Centers. 
  • Pray for the medical clinic in Chipayika village to be finished and equipped, and for a doctor and nurse to be assigned to live there. Pray they will be followers of Christ who can help heal bodies and hearts and minds!
  • Pray for the government's approval of our WHY WAIT?'s form 3 and 4 texts for secondary school (high school)! They are currently being evaluated. This is so important for Malawi!
  • Pray for the 68 newly trained preschool caregivers in the north and southern districts to implement the new monthly themed curriculum this year. Pray the children will learn and develop a deep love for God, and also learn the skills they need to prepare for primary school. Pray for our other caregivers to soon receive the new materials for their Community Based Childcare Centers. 
  • All our gogo groups in Malawi to grow in their love and knowledge of the Lord and their love for one another. Pray that their leadership would be faithful, effective, and wise.
  • Pray that Moira's contact with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) might result in the Why Wait? curriculum being widely used all over Africa
  • Pray that the discipleship program we use for students called, The Mailbox Club, can be brought to students in Kachindamoto.
  • Pray for the teachers from secondary schools and primary schools who are being trained in our sponsored communities in how to implement the Biblically based life skills Why Wait? curriculum in classes. Pray the teachers will use the resources given to them and that many student's lives will be changed.

  • Pray for wisdom in addressing the rise in HIV/AIDS infections among young women 15-18 in the Zomba District.

  • Pray for the women faculty, faculty wives, and new women graduate students to take seriously their walk and witness for Christ.

  • Pray for the 30 women chiefs who were ministered to by Patricia Niednagel -- especially the Muslim chiefs who do not know the Lord yet. 
  • Pray for a grant we have submitted to buy solar driers and other equipment to dry fruit and vegetables so they can be stored long term by people. These would be used for training people at the SAFE Training Center we recently built in Kondanani village.

  • Pray for Lameck as he trains village pastors in how to disciple those who have just come to faith in Christ from the Jesus Film showings.

  • Continue to pray for the 12 Muslim families who have become followers of Christ and are attending some village Christian churches after our showing of the Jesus film and meeting for discipleship followup
  • Pray for Drew as he works to finish the Early Childhood Development film for SAFE. 
  • Pray for the newly trained caregivers (preschool teachers) in Kachindamoto. Pray they can organize and teach well the hundreds of children in their care.  
  • Pray for Paul Lewis who is finishing a new website for Gogo Grandmothers. Pray that it will be a useful tool. 
  • Pray for the printing and publishing of Dick Day's book, Africa, the Great Omission (A Call to Disciple Nations) 
  • Pray for our new Gogo Treasurer, Jacque Entzminger and her assistant Lynn. They are such and important part of this ministry!
  • The partnership with Opportunity International that is beginning with SAFE in the villages. Pray for the "opportunity" this can be for a few people to lift themselves out of poverty and provide income and hope for their families and communities. 
  • A person in each village who will understand and work with the Sabors we left for their preschools and youth groups.  (These are digital players that don't need electricity and play songs that teach scripture in Chechewa and English)
  • The chiefs in Kachindamoto who have asked Jesus into their hearts and are meeting for Bible study.
  • Girls introduced to the Washable Menstrual Pad Project will use them, stay in school and inspire others to do the same!
  • Charlotte's bead project with the gogos... to empower women in the villages and produce a bit of income.
  • Pray for Smart! Dick Day led him to Jesus. He is the son of their illiterate, Muslim gardener and they are providing school fees for him to go to Livingstonia University in Malawi. Smart is "smart" and now he knows the Lord!
  • Pray for Rose Kennedy, a girl who comes from Kachindamoto. Rose is our newest single orphan who is receiving school fees because of her dire circumstances. Rose's ambition is to become a primary teacher in her home area so that she can help promote girl child education in her area.

Thank God for . . .

  • The new Valley Christian Fellowship Gogo Group in Menifee CA that is sponsoring Luzi Village. They has waited so long for a sponsoring group!
  • The Mariners Gogo Group's Sweet Repeats fundraiser April 1, and the Burke Gogos fundraiser April 7 that brought in funds for some special projects, and to build a new community based childcare center in Kawyia Tikondane village!
  • The faithful service and support of our donors and sponosors of gogos, Gogo leaders and churches who assist this ministry!
  • The beautiful harvest going on this month in most of our sponsored villages and for The Joseph Project maize that sustained over 2,000 gogo families and prevented them from eating this year's harvest before it was ready.
  • Rain finally coming to Luzi Village where they had to plant late. Normally, they receive rain mid-November to the end of March or mid-April. This year it didn't rain in Luzi because of a rain shadow. At the end of January when the villagers had some patchy rains they became hopeful and planted their maize, but the rains stopped again. The chief with his elders were very concerned and they had no solution apart from calling Christian clergy and all the Christians to come to the Luzi CBCC to pray and ask God to send rain. Surprisingly, the very same day, the 4th of February, 2017, in the evening the rains came. From that day onwards, there have been patchy rains and the maize is late but still growing. 
  • The wonderful, needed CBCC at Lake Chilwa called, Chisomo CBCC! It is under construction and the iron sheets are on the roof and now they are plastering! It won't be long until the children will be in it!
  • 4 New Gogo groups in different stages of beginning, Hillside Church in Julian CA, Shoreline Church in San Clemente, Our Savior's Church in Louisiana, and Valley Christian Fellowship in Menifee, CA.
  • The beautiful life and ministry of Mary Escamilla, our San Diego Inland Gogo Leader who went to be with the Lord February 25. 
  • 4 New Gogo groups in different stages of beginning, Hillside Church in Julian CA, Shoreline Church in San Clemente, Our Savior's Church in Louisiana, and Valley Christian Fellowship in Menifee, CA.
  • The provision of a Christian driver/mechanic for SAFE to replace Mr. Maganga who recently died. 
  • Our SAFE staff member Brenda Sanama's giving birth to a healthy baby boy. He will soon be on her back visiting our sponsored CBCCs!
  • The spiritual and practical needs our SAFE Life Youth Clubs are providing for the young men and women in the villages. 
  • The spiritual and practical needs our SAFE Life Youth Clubs are providing for the young men and women in the villages. 
  • The blessing our first 3 day youth camp was for 40 youth... for those who received Christ and made Him Lord -- digging deep into applying God's word to their lives and building relationships.
  • Aaron Gondwe, our Coordinator for the SAFE Haven, is going back to begin the programs with the kids again in Feb. after healing from injuries he sustained in an automobile accident. 
  • The 90 newly trained teachers in SAFE's Why Wait? Life Skills Curriculum and the 44 new schools that are introducing it to their students. 
  • The many poor gogos in Kachindamoto that are being visited, prayed for and given supplies like soap because of the motorcycle Michael Mvundula Khumalo, our Community Supervisor for Kachindamoto has been given.
  • Providing the discount coupons and funds for 2,169 gogos to buy their fertilizer and seed in time for planting.
  • The gogos who received their maize who are sharing generosity with others who are hungry as a witness of Jesus' love.
  • The successful deliveries, just before Christmas of 60lb of maize to all the needy gogo families in our sponsored villages in the Central and Southern Districts.
  • The extra efforts of our SAFE staff to get the maize out. I know Mary Phiri and probably others worked right up until Christmas Eve!
  • A year of drought and hunger that continues, but a spiritual harvest of love and hope that has been poured out!
  • The unexpected need for maize for the 3 northern village and the unexpected provision of $25,000 to meet that need at the last minute!
  • The 105 students who are receiving school fees for secondary school, college or trade schools. 
  • Mary and Vuwa Phiri's first grandchild born in December.
  • The wonderful 65th wedding anniversary of Dick and Charlotte Day on December 22 with all their children in Malawi!
  • The love of people in the US, Australia and the UK who make this ministry possible!
  • Three NEW Gogo groups in different stages of beginning, Hillside Church in Julian CA, Shoreline Church in San Clemente and Our Savior's Church in Louisiana and Valley Christian Fellowship in Menifee, CA.
  • The 3,600 bags of maize we were able to purchase and store until the hungry-time distribution to needy gogos December - April.
  • Funds continuing to come in to replace what was spent for maize so we can provide the fertilizer and seed now in December
  • The opportunity we had to have Mary Phiri and Chief Kachindamoto come to the US to visit many of our Gogo groups and churches. The chief has terminated more than 1,650 child unions. She is getting those young girls back in school. Thanks also for the plane ticket provided for the Chief to return home in time for her meetings!
  • The funds that were given for the bore hole (well) and latrines (toilets without toilets) that were needed for the children at Kachindamoto's CBCC (preschool).
  • Our SAFE-Life Youth clubs that are filled with youth growing in Christ and being given hope in many areas of their lives. 
  • The funding for 6 months to hire a director for the SAFE Haven and funds to run the program for the first 6 months while we look for sponsors. 
  • The new projectors, screens, and speakers being use by Lameck and Philip to show the Jesus Film, the Walking with Jesus, and Magdelena films. They are being used in different villages and schools almost every day and many are receiving Jesus as their Savior and Lord. 
  • The Gogo group leaders and prayer leaders in the U.S., U.K., and Australia who bring us together to pray and raise funds in ways that bring hope to the gogos and orphans in Malawi!
  • Our Savior's Church Gogo Group in Louisiana that just met for the first time for prayer last Saturday October 29! 
  • Burke Gogos in Virginia who were given the opportunity to show our short "Love In Action" video in all 3 Sunday services and the harvest God brought for the Joseph Project.
  • The safe return of Cathy Cheonga, one of our SAFE staff, who found and visited her mother's family in Zimbabwe. She and her twin brother were kidnapped at 8 months old -- over 48 years ago! She got to meet her grandmother who was still alive and had never stopped praying for her!
  • For the successful writing of the monthly, Bible themed curriculum needed for our preschools, and the very successful training Shari Yamamoto and Carol Lloyd provided for 48 caregivers and their village coordinators.
  • The 60 women faculty and faculty wives, young women graduates, and influential women in Zomba who attended our tea at Chancellor College to hear Patricia Niednagel share about Jesus and His encounter with the Samaritan woman -- and how to know Jesus as their Savior. 
  • The 30 women chiefs who spent a whole day being taught the Word of God by Patricia Niednagel and our staff. Many had muslim backgrounds and they also heard testimonies of chiefs who had been forgiven by Jesus and saved!
  • A new 4 minute video about the Gogos and vulnerable children in Malawi that can be shown in churches.
  • The safe travel and effective ministry of the Shoreline Church mission team who just returned from Malawi!
  • The delivery of over 200 headscarves made by women in Arizona and California for the gogos to keep their heads warm.
  • The home that has been provided as new office space for SAFE in Zomba. Thanking God for the location, room to grow, and storage for materials for the staff.
  • Jr. Gogos who sewed with grandmothers to make 285, felt Wordless Books for our sponsored preschools to share the Gospel story with colors -- and for the Gogo Group that printed and laminated the teacher's Wordless Books!
  • Thowolo Village's CBCC to be finished in time for the Shoreline team coming to dedicate it and do training with the caregivers in July. 
  • The Clinic in the village of Chipayika that is almost finished for the people who had no medical service.
  • The 56 caregivers (pre-school teachers) in our Community Bases Childcare Centers (preschools) who Mary and Brenda trained in Zomba April 4-15. The villages trained this time were the 3 Kawiyas (Tikondane, Tadziwana and Chiyambi), Makungula, Simiyoni, Kondanani, Mwaiwandigwela, Lake Chilwa Mposa, and Kachere.
  • All the lives have been saved physically and spiritually in the last 5 months!
  • The Gogo group leaders in the U.S., U.K., and Australia who work hard to inspire us and show us how to engage and bring hope to the gogos and orphans in so many creative ways!
  • Mangani Katundu, PhD. who will be able to work with SAFE during his sabbatical beginning in Sept. 2016. His MA is in Nutrition and PhD in Food Product Development for developing countries. 
  • The generosity of gogos who shared the little maize they had been given with other neighbors in need
  • Lameck's healing from Malaria and a severe abdominal blockage.
  • The opportunity we had to purchase 2 projectors and Jesus films in other languages for showing them in the villages and schools
  • Mr. Francis Kathamalo who is providing new creative oversight to Mwaiwandigwela's CBCC year after the director died and left a great need to be filled. 
  • The 2 projectors and screens, to show the Jesus Film and the Walking with Jesus films arrived safely in Malawi! They worked perfectly and saved the day when the old projector system failed right before a showing in Thowolo village with the mission team!
  • Lameck Kananji who is showing the Jesus film in villages with a 5 part follow-up called, Walking with Jesus. And for the hundreds of people who are making decisions to follow Jesus. Also, thanking the Lord for Philip who shows TJF in the local schools to hundreds of students.
  • For the very successful surgeries for two of our Gogo group leaders!!! Suzi Hamilton who had a hip replacement and Penny Stastny, who had some delicate neck surgery.
  • HUGE congratulations to the Gogo Maw Maws who are completing their bike ride across the US to raise awareness about the needs of the gogos and children in Malawi. 
  • The youth who lead their SAFE-Youth club programs in our sponsored villages. 
  • For the 900 bags of maize we were able to buy and distribute in April for the gogos in need in our sponsored villages.
  • The provision of funds...over $31,000, for the fertilizer and seed for 2,098 gogos plus child-headed households and caregivers. It was delivered the  week before Christmas bringing the message of Christ's love.
  • The 56 caregivers (pre-school teachers) in our Community Bases Childcare Centers (preschools) who Mary and Brenda trained in Zomba April 4-15. The villages trained this time were the 3 Kawiyas (Tikondane, Tadziwana and Chiyambi), Makungula, Simiyoni, Kondanani, Mwaiwandigwela, Lake Chilwa Mposa, and Kachere.
  • The rebuilding of the 37 gogos and caregivers homes that were destroyed in the cyclone.
  • Mary Phiri and Brenda Sanama's very successful two week caregiver (teacher) training in Kachindamoto for the Community Based Childcare Centers. Good spiritual and practical learning for teaching the 600 preschoolers in Kachindamoto in the coming years.
  • The Clinic in the village of Chipayika that is almost finished for the people who had no medical service.
  • Jacque Entzminger who has taken over the Gogo Grandmothers Treasurer's job. Also, for Lyn, another wonderful volunteer that has come along side Jacque!
  • The 15 minute film telling the Gogo story that has been completed and 3 more short films are almost done. We are thanking the Lord for Sarah and Drew and their long days of hard work that made this possible!
  • The gogos who brought their maize to the preschools even though their harvest was poor. Most of the CBCCs have maize supplied by this widow's mite.
  • The wheel chairs that Charlotte had made at the prison in Zomba to exactly fit the disabled children in a mother/gogo group formed to help these children. Twin girls from UK, working on their PhDs in Zomba, had a fun run 10k to raise these funds.
  • The completion of the large Kachindamoto Community Based Childcare Center and for all who helped here and in Malawi to provide this wonderful building for the children.
  • The provision of Mariners Church for our 2015 Gogo Retreat Oct.17 celebrating Gogo Grandmothers 10th year anniversary. 
  • The four new board members who will help govern and serve the SAFE and Gogo ministries.
  • The funds that were given to rebuild the gogos and caregivers homes destroyed in the cyclone that is  enabling all the homes to be rebuilt in collaboration with village help.
  • The successful recording of children's songs by Songs For Saplings, in Chichewa, at Global Recording Network onto the Sabor digital players for our CBCCs.
  • The life and gift of Bobbie Johnson who went to be with the Lord August 30. Bobbie was our Gogo Grandmothers' Treasurer who volunteered thousands of hours to make sure our books and donors were carefully handled.         
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