"Don't allow your vision of what is possible in serving others to be limited by what you see as your own strength and resources."

--Based on
Ephesians 3:20

Mission > What You Can Do…

Love in action can spread faster than AIDS

Take one of the following steps:

  • Sponsor a Village Gogo.

    Just $30 a month brings food security to a gogo and her orphans (3 on the average), a blanket, mosquito net, school uniform, shoes and fees, and a village preschool with feeding program for all the vulnerable children. It also brings spiritual guidance and staff to instruct on hygiene and nutrition.  So little accomplishes so much. To begin making a difference today, click here for all the details.

  • Start a chartered Gogo Grandmothers group in your church, organization, or community.

    It takes initiative, but there's nothing hard about inviting a few friends or like-minded individuals in your church or organization to join you in DOING SOMETHING POSITIVE about the AIDS crisis. (Click here for information on how to start a group.)

    The focus is quite simple: caring people meet monthly to pray for the grandmothers and orphans and to work together in simple fund-raising projects to help provide assistance the African gogos need so much.

  • Participate as an individual, couple, or company without a group.

    YES! . . . You can have an important impact without participating in a group. Click here to learn how.

  • Make a one-time donation. Click here.


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