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Gogo Grandmothers "PARTNER"

While you may not be able join or start a Gogo Grandmothers group right now, you can make an important difference in orphan's lives as an individual, a couple, or as an involved business. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Be informed about the AIDS crisis by reading this web site and others. Think and pray about what you should do.

  2. On the home page of this web site, enter your name and E-mail address to receive news updates from us.

  3. Download a printable version of our Gogo Grandmothers brochure (PDF document), or ask us to send you a copy.

  4. Be in agreement with the Gogo Grandmothers Statement of Purpose.

  5. Enroll with us as an chartered Gogo Grandmothers Partner. As a "Partner" you commit to 1) praying regularly for the gogos, and 2) carrying out one special fundraiser (or more) each year. Click here to download a Partner Agreement form.

    The enrollment cost is $35. When we receive your "Partner Agreement" form, we will promptly send your Partner's Kit containing the following:
  • Your framed partner Partner Certificate. It is beautiful enough to display in your home (or office) as a daily reminder to pray for the gogos and to stimulate conversations as others notice it.

  • A minature maize bag, made by one of the African village gogos caring for orphans

  • A t-shirt bearing the Gogo Grandmothers logo

  • An embroidered Gogo Grandmothers patch

  • A package of Gogo Grandmothers note cards

  • 10 Gogo Grandmothers brochures to help you tell the story

  • A small Partner's Handbook with all the key facts about the Gogo Grandmothers ministry, the same prayer guides used in the group meetings in the U.S. and Africa and a great section of fundraising ideas you can do as an individual, such as:
    • A small dinner party given in homes. Charge a "per plate" donation and give the proceeds to support Gogo Grandmothers and the orphans of AIDS. During the evening share about the ministry.

    • A large dinner with an African theme, where tables are sold for a donation. We'll provide a Power Point show you can share, using your computer (projector optional) or show on your TV screen.

    • Auction of donated items from the community to benefit Gogo Grandmothers and the orphans

    • Hold a yard sale to benefit Gogo Grandmothers and the orphans of AIDS

    • Hold a crafts sale

    • Have a bake sale

    • Collect donations (in exchange for a minature Maize bag made by the gogos)

    • Sell Gogo Grandmothers note cards in a local (or church) bookstore for a donation

    • Use your own ideas (Please share them with us)

6. Gogo Grandmothers will respond in approximately 10 days. THANK YOU!

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