"We may not be able to solve the entire problem today, but let us not be discouraged from taking the steps necessary to start the journey."

-118 Bishops,
Episcopal Church,

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"The plight of over 11 million African children orphaned by AIDS breaks my heart. It is overwhelming in scope, but we must respond. That¹s why I¹m so encouraged by what Gogo Grandmothers is doing. They are on the ground and in the villages every day making a difference. One grandmother can make such a difference in the lives and the futures of these orphans. I urge you to do all you can.

Dick and Charlotte Day and Paul and Leslie Lewis have been close friends of mine for over 40 years. I know their hearts. They are men and women of integrity. For such a time as this, God has chosen them for this great cause. You can trust their leadership of Gogo Grandmothers."

- Josh McDowell, International speaker, author and founder of Josh McDowell Ministries

"I have been involved with the Zomba Gogo Grandmothers from the start. Little did I know that the moral, spiritual, educational and health talks we have been sharing would mean such a great deal to us urban grandmothers and be so valuable to the village grandmothers as well. Let us keep up the good work, "gogos" here in Malawi and in America!"

- Mrs. Agnes Chipungu, Wife of Malawi's former Ambassador to Germany,
Chairperson, Gogo Grandmothers, Zomba, Malawi

"The grandmothers raising Africa's orphans of AIDS need God's help. Moms In Touch International is privileged to assist Gogo Grandmothers in helping these "gogos", and women everywhere, understand how to bring God's resources to the children through scriptural prayer. May God empower their lives daily, just as he does ours.

Leslie Lewis has been my friend and involved in MITI for many years. I am so pleased to endorse both her leadership and this critical opportunity to touch the orphans of AIDS, spiritually and physically."

- Fern Nichols, Founder and President, Moms In Touch International

"I pray for the gogos in Malawi who are caring for their orphaned grandchildren . . such a world of need! And I applaud the efforts of Dick and Charlotte Day who are leading this Gogo Grandmothers ministry to guide and support Malawian gogos. Dick and Charlotte are my friends since 1963 and have had a real impact on my own life.  It's good to be a 'Gogo Grandfather'."

- Carl Westerlund, Director, School of Ministry, Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, CA




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