"...Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

--Matthew 25:40

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Kinds of assistance African Gogo Grandmothers receive

Funds raised by Gogo Grandmothers groups in the U.S. and elsewhere are used to provide the following types of assistance to the poor gogos raising grandchildren orphaned by AIDS. (Assistance is based on an individual needs assessment.) At the bottom of this page, see the type of projects being used by U.S. Groups to raise funds.

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Monthly cost for the care and feeding of 80 orphans & vulnerable children in a village preschool.


Sodas and bread rolls for a Gogo Grandmothers monthly village meeting.
60 grandmothers
($.37 per grandmother) who gather for encouragement, prayer, Bible teaching and training on health, nutrition and child development topics.


Monthly Salary allowances for 9 village preschool teachers ($15.00 per teacher)

$6.62- $12.00
(+ government subsidy)

For fertilizer and seed. Commercial fertilizer is necessary for a good harvest of maize, the staple food. Fertilizer prices doubled in the last few years. However, the very poor, if registered are sometimes given a government subsidy coupon which lowers the purchase price shown here.

$10.50 to $160.00

Vehicle petrol (gasoline) per Gogo Grandmothers village meeting visit in the Zomba District to guide and teach the grandmothers. (Petrol is $7.75 per gallon)


Blanket for an orphan or gogo

School Supplies/ School Uniforms for orphans

$1.50 - Theme exercise books ($.15 each - 10 per term, per orphan)

$.25 each - Ballpoint pen
$25.00 - Fabric and local tailor for Uniform (Each school has its own colors)
$10.00 - Sweater in school colors
$15 - $30.00 - Heavy leather Shoes


Annual school fees for 3 terms at a government secondary school (high school)
Annual school fees for 3 terms at a private secondary school


Mosquito Nets (A treated netting that hangs over the mats to ward off/kill the Anopheles mosquito which carries the Falciparum parasite causing Malaria)

Month of Donation

Items Gogos and Orphans need

When needed


School Fees and Supplies

September (1 of 3 terms)

April - May


June - July (Winter there)

April - May


June - July (Winter there)

August - September

Commercial Fertilizer

October - November

November -
Early Dec.

Food Packages (Christmas)



Mosquito Nets

All the time


Clothing (Good used clothing can be bought at any time in the market for $1. - $3. per item! Sending funds to purchase is more cost-efficient than sending clothing from the U.S.)

Always a need

Examples of U.S. Gogo Grandmothers fund-raising projects

To generate funds (in addition to personal donations), Gogo Grandmother groups in the U.S. enjoy working together to create fund-raising events and sales such as the following:

  • Sale of miniature maize bags made by African grandmothers (Click to view in Store)

  • Sale of handmade bookmarks (made by your local Gogo Grandmothers group

  • Sale of Gogo Grandmothers note cards (Click to view in Store)

  • Sale of hand-knitted and crocheted items (made by the Gogo Grandmothers groups)

  • Sale of hand-crafted items from Africa

  • Yard sales

  • Bake sales

  • Gogo Grandmothers luncheons or dinners

  • An auction of donated items

  • PLUS . . . your own creative ideas . . . (These are the best!)
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