"...Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

--Matthew 25:40

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Please click here to read this terrific article on the Coastline Pilot website about "The Ark" container going to Malawi


From the beginning, with three couples in a Chinese restaurant, the idea to send a container to Malawi seemed to be blessed with a miracle a day. Perhaps that was because each day seemed hold so many impossibilities!

Container meeting #2, December 16

Chris Marshall, vice president of Kids Around the World was attending a meeting at Mariners Church and heard that Dick and Charlotte Day were there also at the church looking into the possibilities of sending a 20' container to Malawi.  Chris sat in on our meeting and offered to help us in any way he could, after which we peppered him with questions.  He offered to send a playground if we ordered a 40' container.  He would make a functional meeting and storage structure by finishing the interior with windows, door and electricity and would send a team to complete this project, including the playground!  

We were all so excited to hear all this that we immediately said "let's do it!"  From then on we were on our way.  Chris walked us through each phase of our adventure up to and including the loading of the Ark.

Saturday March 3 

Donations delivered from 7 Gogo groups, 4 times the amount of things that were estimated. Each group had their own stories of how God supplied what was needed for their villages. Over 1000 new little pillowcase dresses were given, and over 1000 paint sets and blankets for preschoolers with 'Jesus love me' on the corner were made. Bikes were provided at cost from Huffy, as well as wheelchairs, white boards, and hundreds of boxes of school supplies and Bibles. And that was only a small part of what was donated!

Friday, March 9-10 

The projection of the design on the container and the first of many days of painting it began. Paul and Leslie had come up with the design drawn on a napkin one day in February. But it came to life with a team of volunteers and lots of paint help from Don Deputy, who had it ready with sand blasting and primers. Painting days were adjusted for the rain predicted, and we finished painting and the inside retrofit in the nick of time; with baobab trees, gogos, children dancing and even a zebra gracing the sides of the container!

Tuesday, March 20th

On our last meeting before packing and shipping the Ark our budget showed we were still $5000 short.  We prayed that the donations would continue.  The very next morning, Carol called, that there was a check in the mail for $5000 made out to the Gogo's from our new neighbors.  I asked her to get her glasses and check again, she informed me there were three zero's after the 5 and she knew what five thousand was!  That morning about 12 volunteers were sorting and packing when I shared the call with them.  First silence....then cheers heard around the Mariners campus!

Sunday, March 25

The Plans for loading the Ark were set for Saturday, March 24th but had to be changed to Sunday, the 25th due to a church event.  There were more than 300 bags and over 200 boxes plus several miscellaneous larger items, chairs, exercise equipment, mattresses, shelves, etc.  Everything had to be moved in 2 hours - 6:00AM to 8:00AM.  Again, Roman helped by having his assistant Alfredo move everything from the store room to the container using a forklift (a distance of about 300 yards).  When Alfredo finished moving, the team of 3 men and 2 women covered every box, bag, chair, etc. with tarps, protecting them from the rain.  Later with the help of about 20 volunteers, with the leadership of Chris Marshall, everything was loaded and kept dry.  Everyone then went inside for the dedication led by Vic Sherreitt, Christian, and Dick and Charlotte Day.  Just another miracle........

Monday, March 26 

The Ark is picked up.  After checking arks location, truck drivers first comment - impossible - Additional equipment needed after Vic talked to him he would try.  After 2.5 hours and Roman's help with his forklift, the Ark was underway!

Sunday, April 22

The Ark was loaded on a cargo ship named the Ivanhoe and left for Malawi to arrive June 30, 2012. 

We called Vic Sherreitt, our full of faith, 'Noah', Chris Marshall, with Kid's Around the World, our 'Ark Angel'. and Don Deputy and Roman Garcia our 'shepherds', who with God's help, guided and guarded us all the way! 

We all thank the Lord for the privilege of working together and and seeing Him provide a "miracle a day."

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