"...Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

--Matthew 25:40

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Providing Fertilizer Assistance:

One of the first and most important forms of assistance given to the Gogos over the last five years has been the help with fertilizer purchases for their gardens. It is hard to imagine just how important fertilizer is to a gogo grandmother or grandfather. At this time in their lives they were expecting their children to be caring for them... but instead many have had to watch their children die, mostly due to HIV/AIDS, and now they are caring for the grandchildren left behind. 

They grow everything they eat on a small plot of land, and because the land is so depleted it takes fertilizer to bring a good harvest. They mostly grow maize from which they make Nsima (the thing that fills the stomach). They break the ground up using a short handled hoe, preparing the furrows for planting the seeds. Of course, then the rains must come and months later, the sun must shine to dry the cobs on the stalk. 

The scenes below are being repeated in all of our sponsored villages. Most of the gogos are illiterate and they sign for their bag or the money to purchase it with their thumb print. If the harvest is good they will eat and so will the children in their care. As part of the Gogo Grandmothers program they also give a portion of their maize harvest to be stored for the feeding program of the CBCC preschool in their village. This fertilizer program is possible because of sponsorships of gogos in villages and other gifts.


The chief in Simiyoni Village gives thanks for the fertilizer.

Below a gogo carries her fertilizer home,                                                            Loading up the bags.
with a little grandchild behind her.
                                                                                                                    Eating the resulting gift of maize porridge (Nsima).

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