"...Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

--Matthew 25:40

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Community Based Childcare Centers (Village preschools)

In every one of our sponsored villages, we train young women from the villages as caregivers (teachers) for the preschool children coming to the Community Based Childcare Centers (CBCCs). Often these preschools begin under a mango tree, and as the village takes ownership, a building is built, sometimes with the assistance of donors through Gogo Grandmothers.

In addition to the the early brain stimulation through creative play and teaching methods, the children are fed five days a week at the centers. In Malawi, 7% of the children under five suffer from acute malnutrition and 48% from chronic malnutrition. Hundreds of kilos of maize kernels are provided to the CBCCs as part of the Gogo Grandmothers program in the villages. The gogos (grandparents) bring part of their harvest of maize to be stored for the children throughout the year. Women from the village also come to cook the maize pala (porridge) for the children, and the soy or ground nuts, sugar and salt are provided by SAFE/Gogo Grandmothers. 

We have seen a significantly higher pass rate in primary school by the children who attended the Makungula CBCC.

This whole process is about children, gogos and parents developing relationships with God, each other, their community and the creation around them... learning sustainability, and seeing the village reap the rewards of responsibility.

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