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--Proverbs 25:25

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The Joseph Project 2015-2016 famine relief

The cyclone in January that was followed by drought, resulted in a poor harvest of maize... the main food of most Malawians. We have initiated a campaign called "The Joseph Project" to buy and store maize for the most "hungry time" December though March.

 So far, 1,000 --50kg bags are stored in a warehouse in Zomba and 206 in a friends garage. The former were just delivered and need to be fumigated against weevils; the prior are already dusted with the usual protection. The bags were all stacked in layers on pallets and space all around for air circulation and placed precisely so that we can keep count when taking out in partial amounts.  

At the SAFE/Gogo Grandmothers staff team meeting yesterday in Zomba, it was decided that a priority is to do a household assessment of our villages to find the most vulnerable. It will be conducted not just for gogos, but the village preschool(CBCCs) children who are the poorest, and the SAFE Life Youth kids also, to determine who the 'most needy' will be.  

Do pray as this is a major undertaking and will take staff off their other responsibilities. This is good and necessary-making the future distribution according to "need not equity", but assessment will be to all SAFE sponsored groups.  It was decided to call the whole project-assessment and distribution-"The Joseph Project", rather than a "Gogo" distribution to all as we do for the nets, blankets, fertilizer, etc.

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