"...Learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow."

--Isaiah 1:17

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It was the 10th anniversary of Gogo Grandmothers and the theme of the retreat was, "Lord Give Me The Back of an Elephant."
It is the 10th Anniversary of Gogo Grandmothers -- and a wonderful day is planned for the 2015 Gogo Grandmothers Retreat October 17.
On October 25, 2014 Gogo Grandmothers held a one day retreat where the theme "One Is Enough" was explored as it relates to our making a difference in our world.
Pam Gott who was our editor and a great champion for the gogos and orphans died February 23.
The GoGo Maw Maws dipped their bike wheels in the Pacific Ocean on Feb. 16 and are off to follow The Southern Tier Bike Trail all the way to the Atlantic Ocean in Florida!
A 40 foot container will be shipped to Malawi in March 2012... but that is not all!
Letter of thanks for the boutique Rancho Baptist Church held in Temecula CA for the gogos and children in Kawiya Village, Malawi
Mariners Church Gogo Grandmother's group held their first garage sale to benefit the Grandmothers raising orphans in Makungula and Simiyoni villages in Malawi, Africa.
On October 23, 2010 a brunch and boutique was held in La Mirada, CA to raise funds for the Community Based Childcare Center being built in Kondanani village in Malawi, Africa for 106 children.
One of the new Gogo Group leaders shares her experience at the 2010 Gogo Grandmothers' Leadership Retreat this year. It was attended by 41 women and three men.
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