"Nothing great was
ever achieved
without enthusiasm."

Ralph Waldo Emerson 
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WORTH PONDERING: "The greatness of a leader is in his humility before God, not in his eloquence before men." --Unknown
The Gogo Grandmothers
Partner's Handbook
is a quick reference guide to the ways our Partners (individuals and businesses, not a part of a chartered Gogo Grandmothers group) can "join the story."  It contains the facts and strategies needed to become better informed about the Africa's orphans and grandmothers ("gogos") and their needs, how to pray effectively for them, and many ideas for generating funds to help them. It's your handy guide to telling the story and expanding your influence.

Click here to view the Partner's Handbook pages

(PDF document)
Click here for information on how to become a Gogo Grandmothers PARTNER
Using the Resources in Your Partner's Kit
Your Framed Partner Certificate. Find a good place in your home or workplace to display this certificate as a reminder to pray often and where it will stimulate conversations with friends, family and other guests.
Gogo Grandmothers T-shirt and Embroidery Patch.
Sew the patch on a jacket, cap, etc. Wear your T-shirt often and particularly at any fund-raising activity you organize. "Wearing the brand" helps keep the plight of the orphans of AIDS on the minds of you and others.
Gogo Grandmothers Note cards. Send the cards yourself.Use card packs as a fund-raiser by selling them to others, in your church library or bookstore, or in another setting. Send the profits to Gogo Grandmothers.
10 Gogo Grandmothers Brochures. Don't let these colorful brochures sit around. We'll send you more. Pass them along to friends and neighbors, share them at a yard sale or dinner fundraiser you might host.
  "Addressing AIDS in Africa: Care and Prevention" DVD.  Let it inspire you and share it as well with your friends and family.
This Gogo Grandmothers Web site is the best way to remain current with all that's happening in this outreach. News, praise and prayer requests are updated frequently. Our e-mail devotional-KERNELS-from the maize bag- is sent regularly. If you do not have access to e-mail or the Internet, ask a family member or neighbor to be your online eyes and ears. You both will become involved.
Gogo Grandmothers Donor Envelopes. Use these to remit your donations and funds raised to the Gogo Grandmothers U.S Office. Funds will be used and receipts sent according to our Financial Policies outlined under the DONOR tab on our main public Web site.

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