"Together we can make a huge difference in many precious lives as we obey our Lord's instruction to 'care for the widows and orphans in their distress.'”

--Leslie Lewis

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Shipping items to Africa is costly. What the African grandmothers and orphans need most can almost always be purchased locally at a cost dramatically less than in America. So money gifts are the most useful, immediate and effective way to provide seeds, fertilizer, educational resources and other assistance to the gogos and orphans of AIDS.

Where to send individual gifts . . . or funds raised by a group

Make checks or money orders payable to: "Gogo Grandmothers"

Mail your gift to: Gogo Grandmothers
3460 Marron Road, Suite 103-476
Oceanside, CA 92056-4675

To donate using PayPal or Credit Card, click the button below:

Another way to give regularly is to authorize Gogo Grandmothers to make a monthly debit to your checking account or credit card. Click here for more information about this secure and simple method of giving support. (You can end the arrangement at any time.)
  • Our phone number is: (760) 500-4311

Donations are tax deductible

As a ministry of SAFE-Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa Family Enrichment), which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization approved by the IRS, your contributions are tax deductible. For tax reporting purposes, an official summary receipt of your contributions is provided to you at the close of each calendar year. Of course, donations to Gogo Grandmothers, channeled through your church or other charitable organization, are afforded tax deductible status by that organization.

Minimum administrative costs

In the U.S., Gogo Grandmothers is led entirely by volunteers. Until efficiency and growth requires it, funds will not be spent on offices and other "overhead" items, so that at least 90 percent or more of funds raised can be forwarded to the Gogo Grandmothers team in Malawi, Africa, for distribution in the work there.

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